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Aikido Yoshinkai
Higirikan Dojo

A Non-Profit Organization
1405 Huntington Avenue, Unit B
South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 393-3872

Free, introductory, adult Aikido classes - the first Thursday of every month - 7:10-8:00pm


Welcome to the Higirikan Aikido Dojo website.

At the Higirikan Dojo*,
we study and practice the Yoshinkai school of Aikido.
Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on the combat disciplines of the samurai. Aikido teaches smooth, balanced and relaxed movement, and focuses on living in harmony with one's circumstances.

Aikido is effective self-defense and excellent physical exercise. It teaches a philosophy that integrates physical, cultural, and spiritual values that can have a profound effect on one's everyday life.

If you are interested in practicing, or curious what Aikido is like,
please come by our dojo in South San Francisco.
Visitors are welcome to watch our beginner classes.
We look forward to practicing our Way of Harmony with you.
For more information,
please call
(650) 393-3872.

For information on classes in San Francisco, see
Yoshinkan Aikido at UC San Francisco.

* A "dojo" is a place of study or practice.