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Yoshinkai History

HI = bad
GIRI = cut
KAN = building

HIGIRIKAN is literally translated as
"the building in which we cut away our bad parts". As a sculptor forms a marble statue by chipping off the pieces that need removal, the Higirikan Dojo is a place where students can perfect themselves as martial artists.



The Higirikan Dojo
is a branch of the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation, and is authorized to grant certificates of advancement in rank in Yoshinkai Aikido.
Born in 1947, Masatoshi Morita began his Aikido training at the age of 25 under Shioda Sensei at the Aikido Yoshinkai Honbu Dojo. The Senshusei course is the most intensive Aikido training program available. The course lasts for one year with the students living at the dojo and practicing Aikido for eight hours a day.
In 1975, Morita Sensei came to the United States to help establish Aikido Yoshinkai in North America. Today he is the chief instructor of the Higirikan Dojo in Northern California, which he established in 1992. Morita Sensei holds an eighth degree (dan) black belt in Yoshinkai Aikido.

Masatoshi Morita

Head Instructor
Higirikan Dojo




Cody Sensei

Julie Cody - 5th dan
Higirikan Dojo Instructor




Takechi Sensei

Eric Takechi - 5th dan
Higirikan Dojo Instructor




Harui Sensei

John Harui - 4th dan
Higirikan Dojo Instructor




Campagna Sensei

Matthew Campagna - 4th dan
Higirikan Dojo Instructor



Toyama Sensei

Robert Toyama - 3rd dan
Higirikan Dojo Instructor - Kids Class
UCSF Aikido Instructor